Make a Difference With fastest captcha bypass service!

With regards to web automation, solving the captcha is essential action to move forward, that made captcha solver service most significant fact for your success.  Selecting wrong captcha bypass solution can cost you fortune. Captcha solving service have to be responsive, fast and cost effective. Here are two captcha solving service that understand all of your need. is a hybrid (OCR and human combined) captcha bypass service. By utilizing OCR for simple captcha, it saving your cost as much as 70% while providing fastest response time.


  • $0.59 USD for solve 1000 Captchas.
  • $1.77 USD for solve 1000 Recaptcha V2/Google captcha.
  • Average response time is less than 1 seconds.
  • 99% system uptime.
  • 24/7/365 uninterrupted service.
  • 15 Days money back guaranty.
  • Professional technical support.
  • Support 2captcha, Decaptcher and bypasscaptcha API

Check at is human based captcha solving service. As a fully human powered service, it offer above 95% accuracy with five second average response time.


  • $1.20 USD for solve 1000 Captchas.
  • $2.40 USD for solve 1000 Recaptcha v2/Google Captchas.
  • Average response time 5 seconds.
  • 99% system uptime
  • 24/7/365 uninterrupted service
  • 15 Days money back guaranty.
  • Professional technical support
  • Support 2captcha, Decaptcher and bypasscaptcha API

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